These two guys from Kolkata have the perfect solution to your needs for cakes & bakes


Take 2 minutes out to think about this – You need to send a gift over to your friend in another city, a few taps on your smart phone and you’re sorted. Want to surprise your mom with a warm dinner, a few taps on your smart phone and you’re sorted again! The point is these days anything and everything you need, a few taps… sorted but hold up a minute. All these years, with all these technological advancements and what not, can a few taps let you send the most important part of any party – The Cake? Well don’t panic, now it can! Presenting

Let them eat cake!

While ‘the great princess’ meant something else entirely when she used this phrase, it is pretty much apt now is a startup by 2 guys from Kolkata that is India’s first, online only bakery.

Left to Right Rajit Bhutoria & Shivam Shah
Left to Right Rajit Bhutoria & Shivam Shah

While Rajit Bhutoria comes from a Food & Beverages background (CEO, The Stadel), Shivam Shah has been in the e-commerce business right from his college days! (founder,

Thus, the brainchild

Mrs. Pranjal Bafna brings in all the right flavours through her perfect recipe concepts

As simple as COD

Not that we need to explain it to you, but the process of getting a cake home or sending it to someone is as simple as online shopping!


Place your order from the website!




The order is freshly prepared and dispatched



Cake-y surprise after 3 hours or less!

P.S all the cakes are 100% eggless

The Magic BOX

Now the box that the cake is delivered in is special too. We literally manhandled the box to carry out a small a small test of sorts. Pushed it around, even held it sideways! But voila! Cake was still el perfecto!

From “Dry Ice” to keep the cake cool to starch adhesive to keep it in place, the box ensures your cake’s safety when it’s is on your way

Apart from a drool worthy range, the site offers customers the ability to manage their orders through their account as well as stay updated on new products and offers. The product range consists of donuts, cakes, cheese cakes, brownies, quiches, tarts, croissants, dry cakes and cookies. Delivery time of products is from 7 a.m. to 12 a.m. All prices on the site are inclusive of taxes and packaging & delivery charges.

So order your cake online today!



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