9 Things About Kolkata That You Will Miss After Leaving The City


It is always difficult to wrap up your life from your hometown and set it up from scratch in a new city. While the initial enthusiasm of exploring a new city keeps a person excited for the first few days, sooner or later, nostalgia comes knocking on your door and you start missing your hometown badly. We have to admit that the socio-economic and political conditions of Kolktata are forcing young Kolkattans to move out of their beloved hometown in search of better career prospects in different cities today more than ever. Being born and brought up in Kolkata and then having spent a considerable amount of time in various cities of our country I know exactly how a Kolkattan fells when he/she moves out of Kolkata. If you are in the same boat as I am, grab your nearest tissue box and get ready for a nostalgic journey about the things Kolkattans miss the most when they move to a different city.

1. Lyadh

While people of other metros are proud of the fast paced cultures of their cities. We on the other hand are proud of the romantic, almost fairytale-ish pace at which our city runs. The one thing which becomes completely non-existent the moment you move to a metro city other than Kolkata is your time of “Lyadh”.

563192_171922019678661_928718626_nCourtesy – The Lyadh page (Facebook)


2. Adda

Adda and Lyadh almost go hand in hand. Just like you miss spending your afternoons lazing around on your bed, you miss those ever stimulating and enlightening discussions on topics ranging from politics to sports to the newest gossip of your locality which takes place at every crossroad or canteen of schools/college/offices. The original social network of Kolkattans is practically nonexistent in any other city.

AddaCourtesy – www.caleidoscope.in

3. Para

Kolkata is perhaps the last of the cities where a bunch of houses in an alley live together like a big fat family which they call their own “para”. With the increase in the housing societies and match box sized flats, the para culture is at a decline even in Kolkata but it is nonexistent in other cities.

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4. Bhaand er cha

There is something mysteriously satisfying about having tea in the earthen cups available all over Kolkata. The taste of the tea is never the same when you have it in a glass or a plastic cup elsewhere. You can have the best tea in the swankiest café in your large city but the fun of having tea in a Bhaand in a small tea shop in Kolkata is incomparable

12547306_932077833554782_1606276952_nCourtesy – https://scontent.cdninstagram.com


5. Kolkata Biryani

Kolkata serves the best biryani in the world, period. Apart from my experience in Lucknow, I have always been extremely disappointed whenever I have ordered a plate of biryani outside Kolkata. In most places I have been served pulao in the name of biryani and I have no qualms in admitting that biryani is the one thing that I miss most about Kolkata after my family and friends

BiryaniCourtesy – bongfeed.com

Want to know what Kolkata thinks about their beloved biryani? Check out this video!


6. Bengali sweets

No matter how much the shops of other cities try, the rossogollas and the mishti dois do not taste anywhere close to the ones we get in Kolkata. Bengalis are known for their sweet tooth across the world and they should be mighty proud about it

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7. Maach

You can take the Kolkattan out of the fish market but you can’t take the fish market out of the Kolkattan. The first thing a Kolkattan searches while house hunting is where is the nearest “maach bazaar”

_DSC0138-LCourtesy – photos.smugmug.com


8. Public transport

Local train, metro train, trams, bus, mini bus, app based cab service, yellow taxi, rent-a-cab, sharing cabs, auto, toto, cycle rickshaw, hand pulled rickshaw and steamer boat. I can bet on the fact that there is no other city which has as many modes of public transport starting from as low as Rs 5.

India, Kolkata, rickshaw on the street

Courtesy – www.whatsuplife.in

9. Durga Puja

Last but not at all least; the happiness, the fervor, the mood, the festivities which go on in Kolkata in those 5 days of Durga Puja are indescribably incredible. No other city comes even close to it.

Durga-Puja-in-Kolkata-400x266Courtesy – d2847ql9t214mi.cloudfront.net

Love it or hate it, home is where your homies are; and after writing this article I can’t wait to get back to mine. What do you miss the most when you move out of Kolkata? Let us know in the comments below.


  1. The street food, the evening walks for phuchka, the randomness of grabbing an autorickshaw at 10 bucks and head to the metro…. to wherever you want to go, the tiny dhabas and road-side thaalis, serving amazing food at dirt-cheap prices, the ‘nekamees’ of the city’s youth and the people who almost make you forget that it is a cruel and dirty world. Really lovely article. Making me home-sick.

  2. KOLKATA is something really special.The city has its own essence.It is not only the cultural capital of the country or not only just the city of joy but its the city of love passion eating and everything.Apart from all this Kolkata is the city of surprises as in whenever we walk around the streets and surprisingly we get a huge palace unexpectedly and surprisingly. Its TILLOTOMA KOLKATA….LOVE YOU A LOT KOLKATA

  3. …apart from it’s good and bad things Kolkata has something else that you can never explain..Kolkata has some extra flavour..you can only say that আমার শহর

  4. I spent 3 years in Kolkata and it’s like a home to me now.All the above is good but I found a better biriyani at Chettinad but miss that huge potato. 😛 😛 😛

  5. Biryani from arsalan & ali baba, midnight dinner with friends at jai hind dhaba, doodh cola at balwant, line baazi at park st & new market ?, durga puja & kali puja, my school, tram ride, street food and of course my good old grandmother’s house in taltala, I MISS KOLKATA SO MUCH ?


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