This Father & Son duo from Kolkata make the funniest of videos


It is often said that a father can play like a kid, advice like a friend and protect like a bodyguard! The relationship between a father and a son sure is one of the most treasured things in the world as a father is the first and last hero for his son.

Dads have always been the coolest. From letting go of the bicycle when he knows you’ve got the balance to increasing you pocket money when he knows you have a date, the father-son chemistry sure is awesome. But this father and son relationship is by far the coolest!


Meet the awesome father-son duo Naveen & Netik. These guys are one of the growing ‘viners’ of India from Kolkata. A ‘Vine’ is a 10-15 second video clip that captures a situation and is sensible enough for a viewer to understand, often provoking a smile or a giggle.


Now making a Vine is not an easy job as it provides great momentous merriment to an absolutely invisible audience.

We caught up with the duo!


How and when did you begin making Vines?

I remember the first vine that I ever saw. It was made by Gaurav Gera (Shopkeeper) On May 2015. It was so funny, I just loved it. The first thought that came to my mind was, can I make a vines too! It was shocking and even disappointing, when I found not much Indians into the vine-making culture. This felt like a challenge to me, and I decided to begin making vines

We made our first vine and were fortunate enough to receive a positive feedback from viewers. That was the time when there was a craze all over with Dubsmash Videos. So many people were creating magic through their videos and attempting all kinds of different styles, there was a wave of video sharing among people. I also went through lot of research and improved on our themes. With people praising us, there was no stopping for us.

How did you get the idea of making Vines with your son?

Six and half years old Netik is one of the most lovable children in our family. His interest in music and movies and being a camera friendly personality, inspired me a lot to feature him in my vines. He supported from the very beginning but sometimes in the exchange of some bribe or the other (Hot Wheel cars – His favorite). He is the hero in our vines and i’m mostly a supporting character.


Which video of you and your son is your favorite?

Recently we uploaded our 43rd video which was based on MusicMG’s Chartbuster Hit Song ‘Daroo Party’. And surprisingly, the video was ‘liked’ by MusicMG (Millind Gaba) on instagram. It was a great treat for us and is our current favorite.


Where do you see these videos taking the father-son duo in the future?

Like all fathers, I hope for the best for Netik. Maybe he’ll come in the limelight someday through our works. You never know.
But then again our objective is very clear that is to only entertain our audience and have fun while doing it!

You can find more of their works here



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