This Kolkata Girl Made Her Love For Pets Into Something That Helps Every Pet Lover In The City


A Pet Care home away from home for your furbabies.

Have you ever found yourself in a fix where you had to cancel a vacation or an evening plan because you couldn’t find anyone trustworthy to take care of your pet? Have you ever felt disappointed with the fact there aren’t too many places in our city which provide pet care services? Have you ever found yourself in a helpless situation when you have come across an abandoned/hurt pet on the road and you don’t know a reliable place to take them to? The answer to all such worries is DOGGO, a one of a kind pet care & crèche and pet grooming salon in the city.

DoggoDOGGO is the brainchild of Risha Chatterjee, a cynophile who would get appalled by the sorry state of pet crèches in the city. At a tender age of 9 she lost her first Doberman due to negligence at a pet care. When she came of age, she opened doors to DOGGO, in memory of her late pet ‘Buchkan’ and all the other dogs that have left her to play around on the rainbow bridge.

Ramneek got in touch with Risha on behalf of The Beacon Kolkata to find out more about DOGGO.

Before we begin – A salute to your spirit and courage to have started with DOGGO in memory of your late pet. We are sure she is watching us from heaven as we speak.

For the uninitiated, tell us a little about the concept of a pet crèche/pet grooming salon.

A pet care & crèche is a home away from home for your pawbabies. Where they are properly tended to, cared for while you are temporarily away from them due to some reason. A pet care & grooming salon offers a complete care for your pet. Whether it’s bathing /trimming of coats/nail clipping anything to make your pet more beautiful and gorgeous!

DoggoTell us a little about DOGGO.

DOGGO is a second home for your pawbabies. We offer pet boarding and pet grooming facilities for the furry friends in your life. We offer crèche services (AC and Non AC), Daycare services for Dogs, and a complete grooming salon dedicated to the pets. From basic cleaning, to spa and on targeting specific areas of problems like ticks, coat-smoothing, shine treatment, odour control, de-shedding, etc.

How is DOGGO different from other pet crèches?

DOGGO believes in a strict No-Cage policy. We consider all our clients like our own dogs so we let them be like the way they stay at their own house. Which includes running around, playing, sleeping on the bed, etc. When it comes to food, we maintain strict hygiene by giving them fresh home cooked meals every time; Dog food is given ONLY if the client asks for it. The pet Parent gets daily updates with pictures and videos. Video calls are also arranged in case a pet parent wants to speak to her/his furbaby.
We also have a standby 24 hours vet to assist us in case of any emergency.
We are also into DOG RE-HOMING. There a lot of people who irresponsibly give up their dog for adoption after a certain time period because they can’t take care of the poor animal. They are brought here at DOGGO & are re-homed.

DoggoHas the concept of having a pet at home improved in recent times?

It depends from owner to owner. I have had clients who love their pet like their own baby, just the way a pet deserves to be treated and cared for. At the same time, I have had clients who keep their dogs caged all the time stating that the dog has behavioural issues like jumping and wanting to play which is their natural lifestyle!! One needs to understand the psyche of a dog. Also there are a lot of misconceptions regarding exotic breeds; people need to learn a bit before bringing home their high end exotic dogs.

How do you deal with pet-owners who aren’t as caring of their pets?

I educate them; teach them the proper way to care for a dog. It is not possible to change a person overnight, but I do my level best to ensure that the pets are properly tended to/cared for.

DoggoWhat makes a good pet owner?

A good pet owner is someone who considers their pet as a family member and takes proper care of them. They not only take care of their physical but also their emotional well being. They would never use their dog “unethically” for breeding. Most important they would never harm their pet.

What challenges have you faced in running DOGGO?

When I conceptualized the idea in 2012, my parents were skeptical about it. It took me 4 years to convince them and eventually they realized that it’s my passion and gave their wholehearted support. My mother played a major role in forming DOGGO; she even coined the name. I am sure she’s watching over me from above and pouring her blessings. While people don’t understand, it’s really hard work and a huge responsibility when it comes to catering other people’s most beloved possession.

What are your future plans for DOGGO?

We have various ideas which we hope will work out for us in future. For now I’ll keep the pup in the bag!!! ***ssssshhhhh***

DoggoWith a strange growing aversion towards stray dogs, what do you think the future holds for animal lovers in the city?

I feel we still have a long way to go. There are a lot of pseudo animal lovers who only enjoy the limelight and grants but in reality they don’t do anything. On the other hand, there are a few genuine people who do a lot of work but rarely get any help. Secondly, unity is needed; there is a lot of politics and lobbying among groups and due to this they are always in a tug of war, We need to simplify the goal and ensure we tend to the voiceless while keeping our personal interests aside.

With an increase in the number of pet owners abandoning their pets, what is your view on this? How can it be changed/improved?

If someone is looking for a “pet” just for “fun”, then I would strongly advise against getting one. It is not fair to ruin a poor animal’s life because of a person’s silly whims. The person should get a stuffed toy instead!
Having a pet requires a huge amount of dedication and responsibility. People should get one after asking themselves “Am I capable enough to look after a dog? Am I responsible enough to be with him through his good & bad days? Do I have the ‘patience’ to take care of all the additional chores that come along with it?”  Once the person commits to the pet, there should be no excuse, I Repeat NO EXCUSE to give the baby up for adoption. Some of the silliest excuses to give up a pet that I have come across are “lack of space”(why get a pet in the first place), “children not studying”(discipline your children), “moving away to another city/country”(pet transporters are there to help out)!
It all comes down to “willingness” of considering the pet as a part of your family; NOT “like” your family.

DoggoWe admire passionate people like Risha and hope that they help in changing the lives of hundreds of pets and the mindset of hundreds of pet owners.

To know more about DOGGO click here


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