We Went Around Exploring The Eat Street At Tollygunge Metro Station!


We all know us Bongs love to eat – be it water, lyadh or food. Every other Bong you’ll meet is a self-proclaimed foodie and proudly so! We believe in bonding through food, making friends, initiating adda, establishing trust, proclaiming love, resolving issues. Food as art, food as religion – food is indeed second nature to us.

As a tribute to our unconditional love for food, we have compiled a list of unofficial eat-streets in Kolkata where you and I can stop for a quick, but fulfilling bite on the go. Our first stop is Tollygunge metro station.

Mahanayak Uttam Kumar metro station is one of the busiest metro stations in the city and everyday hundreds of people pass through this junction. On a busy day, you might be running late for office or you forgot your quintessential tiffin-box. The lane just outside the Tolly metro will be your savior as there are innumerable shops selling street food at affordable prices.

The small shops on either side of the footpath sell everything from tea, coffee, fruit juices, different variants of maggi (egg maggi, chicken maggi), to chop-cutlet, momos, chowmein, biriyani and even idli-dosas.

The pocket pinch starts from INR 5 for a cup of tea to INR 80-100 for a full plate of biriyani. A plate of egg maggi comes for INR 30, masala dosa for INR 30, a plate of idli for INR 20 and a glass of mousambi juice for INR 25. The quantities are generous and the food is hot – which is good enough to satiate your hunger on the go.

Even if people don’t always eat, they always stop for a cup of tea and a quick smoke. The innumerable tea stalls are witness to this and keep busy from dusk till dawn.

These stalls experience the most rush during office hours but are hardly seen empty any time during the day. Nabanita, a college go-er who often frequents these stalls with her friends, says, “These stalls are really convenient for us as we’re often hungry and the food here is good and cheap.”


Variety of Cuisine available:

Maggi (egg and chicken)
Fried rice
Chaats (papri, doi, kurkure chaat)



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