7 Things You Didn’t Know About the Cool New Totos in Town


We live in a time where things are upgrading at the blink of an eye. Ancient mechanisms are being rapidly replaced by newer, smarter technologies.

Now, Kolkata is introduced to this new concept of E-RICKSHAW also known as TOTO, a hybrid of pedal rickshaw and an auto-rickshaw. Toto’s have already been running in areas like Topsia, Salt Lake and Rajarhat in the city but plying mostly on the outskirts.

Here are 7 facts about Toto in Kolkata that you must know:

Eco-friendly, Safe and Comfortable

toto in kolkata

Given the menace of autos and buses producing a ruckus in the city, a blessing of sorts to the city was the plying of Totos in the year 2013— eco-friendly, safe and comfortable means of transport.


Toto in Kolkata

A toto in Kolkata will set you back by ₹85000 more or less. The actual cost of the toto in Kolkata is approximately ₹55000 and the battery & charging kit costs approximately ₹26000.

Origin of Manufacture

toto in kolkata

Unassembled Totos are imported from china and assembled in Delhi and Rajasthan and then supplied to the city.

Areas of Operation

toto in kolkata

Totos are allowed to ply only on the lanes and by lanes of major roads in Howrah and Rajarhat.

The Economics – Cost/Km

toto in kolkata

Totos are highly economical as a full charge consumes 3 units of electricity and that gives a run of almost 100kms. Hence the cost per km is 30 paisa only.

Rules & Regulations

toto in kolkata

No license required. Yes, being an electric operated automobile there are no rules and regulations to govern it; hence no tax, no registration and no license whatsoever. At the moment the toto in Kolkata is a tamed lode runner which might go wild soon if the government fails to bring in certain legislations.


toto in kolkata

Toto in Kolkata is an employment factor for thousands of drivers who drive these eco-friendly vehicles to ferry people from point A to B. There are approximately 1000 Toto drivers in the Howrah and Hooghly district combined and approximately 350 in the Rajarhat area. Given a daily average income of ₹3-400, totos in Kolkata are adding roughly ₹20 crores to the local economy annually.


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