7 Transport Themed Restaurants In Kolkata


Public transport is a part of most of our daily lives and so is food. So, when these two crucial aspects of our regular lives were clubbed, what we got is local immovable conveyance that serves aromatic beauties. Wondering what are we talking about?

Kolkata has been witnessing an uptrend in the number of themed restaurants catering to some serious fancy dining experience. Among these themed restaurants are some that provide you an ambiance of sorts – transport. Turns out that most of us can’t get enough of our daily travels and so we want more, like always.

They are especially a fun experience for those with wanderlust in their hearts and almost empty bank accounts and for those who probably never had the opportunity to travel out of the city (or within it).

Here, we present to you the travel-themed restaurants of Kolkata, where you could board a train inside a restaurant, or dine in the business class seats of the city’s first Airplane themed restaurant.

Let’s tour the options…


Where: https://goo.gl/maps/cTvXhHmxqK72

Treat your wanderlust to the amazing experience of dining in the sky (Or at least, feel like you are). At Fly Kouzina, You don’t need a ticket to sit on this plane but as you embark on your foodgasmic journey, you will surely be given a boarding pass! From the entrance itself, this restaurant gets you excited about the entire experience. From automated doors to multiple clocks to track the time all around the world, from staffs that wear a uniform which is similar to those of crew members on a flight, to the leg space of the business class seats, this place is a total paisa vasool experience. The icing on the cake? The windows of the plane have moving images of clouds and the sky which take you on a virtual tour of an imaginary high travel experience.


Where: https://goo.gl/maps/fSi7ZHLNwov

Not everyone can afford the ‘Palace on wheels’ so we have a decent substitute instead. Beware, this is not your regular train, it is a classy counterpart with a Victorian era feel to it. Also, just because having restaurants inside a train is too over-rated; now we have a compartment of a train with its engine inside the restaurant. On Track even has a platform area with the pebbles and stones laid perfectly on the tracks giving it a royal look.



Where: https://goo.gl/maps/EtcnnQ8fDuN2

If you want to escape the maddening crowd for some time, then this is where you need to be. Café Ekante, a ferry-restaurant, is a place which is apt for a quiet, romantic evening amongst the reassuring sound of water. The tranquility of the calming breeze can lighten your mood and provide a serene dining experience. Situated in the middle of the lake, this place has a great ambiance. It’s so picturesque that you just stop and stare.



Image Source: Simba Smiles

Where: https://goo.gl/maps/DKpZKkUN2aw

As the name suggest, this place is a bike lover’s den. The main attraction here is the Harley Davidson bike. This sight is enough to draw the bike enthusiast’s attention. Besides the bike, this place also has a good décor and you must check out their special spoon and forks, the ends of which have been designed as mechanical tools.


Where: https://goo.gl/maps/urJw2P26wSq

This sports themed café has some of the top notch sports bikes and cars on display inside and outside the café. It has a lively ambiance with games (PS4, foosball, ice hockey, T.T, etc), yum food and peppy music.You can choose to sit on a bean bag or a sofa or wooden chairs and let the vibe take over.


Where: https://goo.gl/maps/CR35THGhwN72

How can a transport themed article not have something related to the dhaba culture that we are so fond of, especially while traveling. The theme for this restaurant is Bollywood and its interiors are decorated with scenes from various Bollywood films. They have khatiyas (rope cots) for chairs. The interior decoration also includes a truncated taxi hung on the wall. This completes the look and feel of a highway dhaba.


Where: https://goo.gl/maps/zpMEgKMSMx62

Be ready for a rather pleasant surprise— tram dining. Not the conceptualized one but a real one. Yes, there are four repurposed trams juxtaposed together which serve as a restaurant. The food, though nothing fancy, is tasty and reasonably priced, the reason being to skim out the crowd. Dining inside the tram gives a sense of nostalgia of traveling in trams along with the bonus of getting to eat inside it as well.

Try these themed restaurants in Kolkata to add a different dimension to your dining experience. 


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