5 Types Of Female Shoppers In Kolkata That You Are Sure To Come Across While Shopping ! Which One Are You?


Sale or no sale, shopping is an every month regime being followed by women in Kolkata year round.

From nudging the ‘paasher boudi’ with their elbows to grab the last blouse cut piece in the boxes at the roadside stalls to eyeing every little item hanging off the hangers at the mall and secretly making assumptions about how much to save up to be able to flaunt the style during Durga Pujo, our women are always on the look out for a pocket friendly deal.

And yet we want our women decked up to the nines even despite the fact that this obsession of theirs is actually quite annoying to some!

Take a stroll down Gariahat someday, we guarantee you will never not come across the typical female shoppers who are breaking a sweat or probably having a spat with their husbands to give them the needful to purchase their stuff. Life as we know it, has offered a number of characters that we witness every day. So why would the market be any different. Our beauties from the hood are galore and mind you, each one is unique in their own bargaining skills. If you live, breathe and swear by shopping and if shopping is the one therapy you’d rather spend money on than at the psychologists, then read up, as you might just spot your kind.

1. The obsessive compulsive disorder type

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A string hanging off the seams of the ‘taanter saree’ or a button missing from the husbands ‘Panjabi’, they are sticklers for perfection and would never even look back at something that their OCD minds didn’t approve of. At times we’ve witnessed such cases that even the fold marks on the piece of clothing set them off. Mostly seen at roadside shops in Gariahat, these women would sway a magic wand and make their own stuff to accuracy if they don’t find their perfect ensemble at the market.

2. The Cinderella type

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Fairy Godmother would always be on time for them and if you thought the Burberry trench coat sported by the mannequin at Quest Mall was a very far fetched goal for you, these women will just strut right in and walk out wearing it right past you. Their Fairy God ‘mothers’ would do anything to see a smile on their daughters face and would cast a magic spell on every shop for their daughters. Mostly found in the malls, the high fashion and couture lovers with bundles of money are the ones we are most jealous of.

3. The calculative type

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Aryabhatta would marvel at the speed with which these women can just subtract and add the expenses right in their head. Go to BK market and the moment the shopkeeper quotes the price, the mental calculations begin about how much he must have bought it for, the cost price and selling price and his margin are all taken into account. Once, that is dealt with, they just throw him a look enough to kill and walk right away whispering to their other chattering girlfriend about how in other places in New Market they might just find it for way cheaper. Mostly seen everywhere, these are the kinds who flock to every place and then walk right away.

4. The disinterested girlfriend type

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Forever succumbing to the best friends’ wishes, this one is the side kick who is bound to be the personal stylist, the one to take the tough calls over the red or the fuchsia lip colour and the one who has a frown pasted to her face throughout the entire process. The one who tags along to Sudder street, Emami Market, Bara Bazar, Bagri Market, New Market, and so on, they are unmistakably the ones who are literally pulled out of their beds by their friends and while the others in the gang are dressed to kill, this particular type will just walk out in their tracks and chappals.

5. The bargaining diva type

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No shopping spree is complete without the one girl who can leave the shopkeepers scratching their heads yet packing the prettiest top for as cheap as Rs 100. After all, manipulation and constant nagging are what women have been experts at (as they say it). So if that’s what they think, why prove them wrong if it works in the girls favour? No hawker at Gariahat and New market can ever confess that there once came a girl who did not bargain and trust us when we say this, these hawkers remember faces. They know the moment you walk up to them that you had given him a tough time on your last spree and this once he mentally prepares himself for the obstacle that has come his way.

Found your type yet? Being a girl may not be easy and one might keep cribbing all their lives, but every boy in Kolkata will agree to how there is an absolute dearth of places to purchase clothes for themselves in Kolkata as compared to their girl friends. Keep an eye out, the next time you plan your Saturday at New Market or your Sunday at AC Market, you are bound to crack a smile the moment you have found THE type.

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