Typical Bengali Nicknames – Daaknaam


A nickname is a substitute for the given official name of a familiar person, mostly out of affection. It is the foremost example of affection or bond between two individuals, family or a group of friends.

Throughout the world, each place or faith has its own peculiar set of nicknames given to their various members, but when it comes to us Bengalis, the peculiarity of your nickname or ‘Daaknaam’ is taken to another level altogether. Now the Daaknaam (Bengali nickname) is not a trivial thing at all, in fact our entire lives revolve around it.

You may be a stud in college or among friends with a cool funky name you’ve asked them to call you by but the day your friends come home for lunch or a project work, all that ‘swag’ is washed down the drain. When your maa or dadu calls you by you daaknaam and your embarrassment knows no limits, that’s when they get their true satisfaction :p

Presenting a list of typical Bengali Daaknaam (Bengali nicknames) that we Bengalis are bestowed with right from childhood


Babai Bengali nickname

Imagine your mother speaking in a nascent tone, calling out ‘Babai’, it’s one of the most common ‘daaknaams’ in the Bengali community


Poltu Bengali nickname

The perfect chele, naati and ideal dada, the dream of every Bengali household


Puchu Bengali nickname

Can be associated with any young Bengali rebel, she totally hates it but her mother will positively call her by this name in front of her friends


Titli Bengali nickname

The authentic Bengali daughter who studies English but whose heart lies in Rabindranath Tagore


Mampi Bengali nickname

The epitome of Bengali culture, the perfect daughter of the household


Bengali Nicknames

If you are none of the above, you are that hopeless pest in the household



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