9 Typical Things Faced By Every Female Biker in Kolkata


Kolkata is home to various kinds of people. We have the always enthusiastic Kakoos, the always-waiting-to-feed-you Kakimaas, the high on adrenaline para chengras and then along comes a different breed altogether. A breed with the smallest population but highest factor of awesomeness. A breed that leaves some in awe and others with damaged egos. Yes, we’re talking about the awesome Female Bikers of Kolkata. The lot that has ‘freedom’ for breakfast and the ego of losers for brunch!

Now it’s not easy being a female biker in Kolkata. From constant taunts to blank stares, when out on the road, female bikers get it all in Kolkata. Here’s a list of typical things faced by female bikers in Kolkata

1. People just stare. Be it the para boys or elderly aunty, if they see a girl on a two-wheeler, they just blankly stare!


2. Most guys take it upon their ego when a girl overtakes them. Like seriously, it hurts their so called ‘mardangi’ if a girl overtakes them


3. And they make sure that by hook or by crook they overtake us to satisfy their ego: As if they’ve won a battle by doing so!


4. COPS JUST DON’T CATCH FEMALE BIKERS. Really, why the injustice! (Not that we mind :p)


5. And even if they at all do, its mostly by mistake and they let you go almost immediately


6. “Dhoom Dhoom!!”. The classic taunt by the para chengras when the see a female biker


7. If people see you with a helmet in your hand instead of a handbag it is as if a law of nature has been broken



bp roadies


8. Most guys find it insulting to sit behind female riders


9. Most girls envy other girls that have their own ride!


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