3 UBER COOL Cabbies of Kolkata You Must Know About! – The ‘Cab-trepreneurs’


The internet defines an ‘entrepreneur’ as:-

“A person who organizes and operates a business, taking on greater than normal financial risks in order to do so”

Now, what is the first image that comes to your mind when you think of an entrepreneur? A grand office? All suited up? Arriving in a swanky car?

Well, if that is the case then be prepared to get that myth busted because Kolkata has some new next-gen , self-employed men, wheeling towards success (quite literally!)

Confused? Well, this is the story of those extra ordinary men that dared to take a different path.
Men who dared to let go of their cozy, easily-satisfied, everyday 9 to 6 job and take on the challenge of entrepreneurship. Men who saw the opportunity and took the plunge.

We’re talking about the people who quit their regular jobs and partnered with UBER to start a venture of their own. Here’s their story of 3 such men.



Jagjit Singh



Previous job: Associated with a travel agency and a heavy vehicles driver in Dubai

“After partnering with UBER I have interacted with some of the best customers. In fact, I have once had a ride with Mithun da too”

Where do you see this partnership with UBER taking you?

From when I began, I have more cars to my name and other drivers who drive for me. I eventually plan to stop driving and manage my fleet of cars with UBER.

What is the best part about partnering with UBER?

To put it bluntly, the best part for me is that I can stay in Kolkata with my family while earning more than how much I would with a job abroad!


Arony Ghosh


Previous job: Sales manager at a KTM dealership (OSL)

“I drive 230kms a day non-stop and I get paid to do what I love. The pay in UBER is better than regular jobs. As of today, I have 2311 rides to my credit”

How would you define an ideal customer?

Earlier UBER was cashless, so by default you had educated/aware people using the app. Anyone who is straight up and honest is an ideal customer.

Why did you decide to partner with UBER?

I decided to partner with UBER primarily for my love of driving. When I was with KTM I had done a Ladakh-Kolkata road-trip. To put it simply, what can be a better thing than getting paid to do what you love!

As a matter of fact, while i was on the road one day, i randomly helped a cab driver in repairing a tyre puncture and he is one of the 3 among us here today.


Gurbinder Singh


Previous job: Worked at ICICI Bank and Bajaj Infrastructure as collection manager

“UBER is a good company to work with and are loyal to its reputation. We have pulled through with UBER even through phases of dull business. Monetarily I am very satisfied with the brand.”

What is the extra edge that you get while on the road because of your previous job?

When I was working at ICICI Bank, I was trained to deal with difficult customers and that technical know-how has come very handy for me in dealing with not so pleasant ride bookings.

What is the best part about partnering with UBER?

For me the best part is the mental satisfaction that I get at the end of the day. This is something that was earlier not possible with the job that I had.


Cabbie Pledge

  • Always tally the pic of the driver
  • Tell the driver the route you prefer
  • Voice your opinion if you are uncomfortable with something that the driver is doing
  • Behave and communicate well with the drivers
  • Cancel the ride if you feel insecure for some reason


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