7 Types Of People You’ll Meet on an UBER Pool/Ola Share in Kolkata


While the opportunity to save a little money by opting for a shared ride seems lucrative, more often than not we end up meeting some interesting characters during the ride.

“Uber should introduce a system to rate your co-passenger in case of Uber Pool” Ishaan Chatterjee, a not-so-amused shared cab user!

Well, we agree with that and decided to prepare a list of all the different types of characters that you’re sure to come across in a shared cab ride in Kolkata!

And who to get this know-how from than Kolkata’s favourite UBER partner himself – Arony Ghosh!

With years of experience behind the wheel, both 2 and 4, Arony da is the cab-service provider which only the fortunate can avail. A dynamic personality with magical fingers both while shifting gears and typing down a story, the following words have been penned by Arony Ghosh himself. Enjoy the trail!

1. The Bangali Bhodrolok

BHODROLOKThis guy will be on time more often than not already waiting at the pick up point. Will call the driver right after booking and confirm his pick up location. Will check the app if he is the first pickup , the location of the cab and the registration number. Will have the fare in exact change or somewhere pretty close to it. Would greet the driver with a smile and a good morning or good afternoon or good evening which would be far from being perfunctory. Would generally tolerate a robust companion at the back seat without any complaints.


2. The Bok-Bok Bob

bokbokThis guy will also generally be on time at the pickup location but will repeatedly call the driver to enquire about the car number, the location of the vehicle (ignoring the available data on the app), to confirm his own location, to communicate what color clothes he is wearing. He will greet the driver with a perfunctory greeting and without waiting for a response would move on to the weather and will be followed by the socio economic condition of the state and the poor administrative decisions on behalf of the government. Then he will meander into international politics and how the world needs to change for the better. He will touch on global warming and then move on to matters closer to home and start enquiring as to how many trips the driver is doing per day in the current scenario. Then he will start sharing the experiences of other drivers that he has travelled with. All this , while completely ignoring the fact if the driver is responding to his overtures.


3. The Klanto Guy

kalnto guyThis guy will generally be a lil late for the pick up . Would be a man of few words. Would silently get into the cab and barely respond to a hello/hi and a good morning/afternoon/night . Would try to fidget with his phone for a bit before capitulating to the urge to get a quick shut eye . Would generally be oblivious to the conversation happening around him and also impervious to the repulsive smell of a fellow passengers sweaty shirt. Would mumble a short and barely inaudible parting note of thx while getting off and slinking away.


4. The ‘Shara Din Facebook/Whatsapp Guy

sarDIN FBWould generally be on time at the pickup location. Would be busy on the phone right from the point of getting into the cab to the point of exiting it. Would not prefer a conversation with the co passengers or the driver. Would get umpteen notifications more or less every second and will be happily typing away with a grin on his face. The sounds of typing will be interspersed with music of the various games that he will be playing on the phone . Would generally be a cool guy and up to date with the international news and trends.


5. The Nokhra Baaj

nokhra bajThis guy would generally be very late and would not even be apologetic about it. Expect no greetings from him or even a reply if he is greeted with a smile. He would expect to have the choice of seats and would start fiddling with the ac controls the moment he settles in the front seat. Then he would opt for his favorite music channel on the FM radio or just pull out an auxiliary cable from his bag and hook up his cellphone with the car infotainment system oblivious to the likes and dislikes of the other occupants of the car.  Would urge the driver to follow his favorite route to his destination and would be very pissed when his requests would not be met due to Share/Pool Standard Operating Procedures. Would want to stop in a shop to pick up something to nibble on. This will continue till the point the driver or a couple passenger is forced to intervene and cut him down to size. Their expectations of a shared trip can be really daunting to meet by any driver/co-passenger.


6. The Dhemna Guy

dhebna guyThis guy will generally be late in reaching his pickup location but would expect you to wait for as long as it takes for him to come down to the pickup location. No greetings will ever be enough to put him at ease. Once in the car he would vent his Ire on Being told to reach on time. He would generally be abusive and use expletives with every sentence . In his point of view all the drivers are crooks or thugs and should be dealt with in a manner that’s befitting. Would rave and rant about how ola/uber are overcharging the public via the surges. Would call up someone over the phone and disregarding the presence of other customers (male/female) would use expletives and cuss words without batting an eyelid. Would hand a 2000 rupee note to pay a 80 rupee fare. On refused the change would threaten to complain and of other dire consequences. Only a mention of the cops or a suggestion of taking him to the nearest Police Station will mellow his rhetoric.


7. The Gheme Chan Kora Guy

geme chan kor GUYThis guy will normally be on time to his pickup location but will be wearing a shirt soggy with sweat. Would smile and greet but no amount of pleasantries will make the smells go away. Even the car perfumes would be rendered useless. Would generally try to explain his sweaty and smelly condition but the passengers are looking for relief and not excuses.


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