Salt Lake Stadium Has Been Renovated For The Under 17 Football Worldcup And It Looks Nothing Like Before!


It is no news that Kolkata is the chosen venue for the under 17 FIFA world cup. But did you know that the Salt Lake Stadium, where the major event is to be held this October, had to be completely refurbished to meet the international standards of conducting a FIFA event. And we could not be happier about how the humble Salt Lake Stadium has been renovated to look nothing less than a football museum for the FIFA under 17 football Worldcup.

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The West Bengal Government undertook the renovation project in the year 2015 and has been able to pull it off successfully within the two-year deadline set by the FIFA authorities. With a budget of Rs. 100 Crore, the newly renovated Salt Lake Stadium has been brought to par with other international football stadiums.

“You see and the stadium looks nothing like it used to before. That’s because the stadium needed to be fit to host a World Cup final, the most important football match to be hosted in India’s history.” — FIFA authorities

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Currently, the Salt Lake Stadium has been handed over to the FIFA under 17 football world cup authorities for last level inspection and approval. And the venue will be inaugurated on 12th September by Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee.

Although the actual capacity has been reduced from 1,20,000 to 66,687, it has been done keeping in mind the guidelines set by the FIFA authorities based on a study with the Sports Grounds Safety Authority of the UK. According to the guidelines, this is the maximum capacity that can be evacuated in 8 minutes in case of an emergency.

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The Salt Lake Stadium is one of the six venues that are to host the under 17 football Worldcup from 6th to 28th October, and there’s no doubt that this venue is certainly one of the best among all.

We Kolkattans are so proud to finally have a Stadium worth boasting about.




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