Vintage cars in Kolkata



  A Rolls Royce Limousine to your right, a rare Auburn to your left and an array of Jaguars and MG’s in between; nope, this is not an episode of Discovery Turbo this is the view from the porch of Billy Bose’s humble abode; A mystery garage which will take you on a drive down memory lane to the early days of the pride of owning the ‘automobile’.

 A wise man once said, ‘It is a rare and difficult attainment to grow old gracefully’, and a walk through the garage at bose niloy will teach you exactly how ageing gracefully looks like. Be it the rare 1946 Auburn Tourer or the restored from scratch Jaguar or the submerged in a pond MG, Debarshi Sadhan Bose(Billy) and his father Partha Sadhan Bose are true practitioners of their passion for vintage and classic cars. It’s a different thing washing your grand father’s car once a month and calling yourself a vintage car lover,  and completely another being vigilant and forever on the lookout for these cars because unlike you or me, this father & son duo talk cars like we talk cricket, and mind you we are not half as passionate about it. Because if you explore and locate a car lying in an alley covered in dust, the engine of which is used to pump water from the local well, bring it home in diferent broken parts and completely restore it to top-notch condition with your very own hands it does speak a lot about character and how seriously it is that you take your passion.

Now, restoring a rotting tin can on four wheels is not a job for the feeble-hearted. It is very much like an archeologist discovers a run-down relic and scoops all the museums across the world to find its missing parts and refurbishes it. Now, that’s not something you hear every day. But at Eastern Motor Sports Association (EMSA), the sporting committee founded by the father-son duo, that elaborate procedure is just another day at the office.

Take the 1938 Jaguar which was found completely burnt till the bare body lying in a garage, or the 1946 MG TC Midget which was rusted down and brought home in different parts, there is a long tale to be told about each car and its hand-crafted restoration procedure.

The 1917 Ford Model Twas discovered in a village with its engine being used as a pump in the local well and is today restored to perfection and you can bet it can bring the great Henry Ford himself to tears.



  1. I have huge love of vintage car I am ALCO and GM rail engine technician if possible I Love to see the car if you give me permission thanks.


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