Water ATM in Kolkata


So Poltu is in a rush and needs some cash, for he needs to pay the private taxi driver dropping him home at Ekdalia Park; and on his way home his eyes have been desperately scouring the streets for an ATM. Finally, almost near his house, he discerns a board that reads ATM− upon nearing this rather fancy ATM at 7 in the evening, with his card in hand, he’s confronted by the guard watching the ATM.

Why? Well this is a rather unusual ATM, the ‘Water ATM’. Confused?

Water ATM in Kolkata

The first Water ATM in Kolkata that dispenses not money but clean and healthy drinking water for one and all has recently been setup by the government of Bengal.
The idea is to make available clean and safe drinking water for everyone at any given time at a subsidised rate− ₹2 for a litre.

Water ATM in Kolkata

The government has plans to setup over 200 such ATMs all across the city and move further into several districts, with the aim of providing safe water for the poor and deprived.

So next time you’re in and around Gariahat/Ekdalia Park and are looking for an ATM to withdraw cash, you know this is not the place to go. But if you’re on the run and need some quick and safe drinking water, you know where to head.



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