Streets In Kolkata That Get Water-Logged The Quickest!


There’s a strange connection between Kolkata and monsoons!
Almost a love-hate relationship of sorts. With summer at its peak, we pray for the rain gods to have mercy on us, and when they do (and quite generously so) we can’t seem to handle the outcome!

Yes, we’re talking about water-logging in the streets of Kolkata!

From the sigh of relief as it begins pouring to a slight nervousness on seeing the streets get covered with a layer of rainwater to the nervous glance as the water level rises to ‘ankle-deep’ and the realization of the menace as the rain water quickly reaches up to our knees. Often, before we realize it, the rains have done their job of paralyzing the city completely!

But hey! We can’t completely blame the rains for the city’s plight. With a drainage system designed by the British before the country’s independence and the massive development over the decades, it should come as no surprise to see the most prime and important streets of Kolkata get waterlogged even at the sprinkle of a rainfall!

So, here we’ve prepared a list of the most waterlogging prone streets of Kolkata! The special streets that turn into water-theme parks after a few hours of heavy rainfall!

Short Street

Wood Street

Picture: Anwesha Dutt

Free School Street

Camac Street

Amherst Street

Central Avenue

College Street


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