City Boys’ Pedal To Glory

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We’ve all watched those cool videos of guys doing insane stuff with their bicycles and maybe for a brief moment have had day-dreamed about doing the same stuff and impressing our friends and family alike. These guys here did it and are making the city proud all across the country. Meet Wazid and his uber-cool cycling crew− The Infinity Riderzz.


A bunch of city boys who developed not only a fascination for extreme cycling but also went the extra mile to convert their fascination into reality- a passion worth pursuing. It all started 6 years back when Wazid came across a video of some guy from New Zealand doing unimaginable stuff with his bicycle.


That’s when he dusted off his old rusted cycle and started practising all day long, mindless to his parents’ scolding. Gradually he started mastering the different forms of stunting with a cycle and now, at present, ranks no.1 in all of India. Now how awesome is that!


Now it must be to one’s wonder that what exactly these guys do that make them seem so cool and leave the crowd to drool. Well technically speaking bicycle stunting is a form of sport characterized by stunts involving acrobatic manoeuvring of the cycle and sometimes the rider. In layman terms, simply going crazy with your cycle.
Starting from the most basic of stunts, that is, popping a wheelie to the insanely complex ‘No tyre flamingo’− cycle stunting involves one of the most dangerous activities which can result in multiple fractures or even a cracked skull. Yet it is a major aphrodisiac for adrenaline junkies.


Sacrifice of such proportion and yet thousands of kids are doing it, why, yes they have passion for the sport which but obviously exceeds the risk of pursuing it. Wazid and his intrepid team not only have passion for extreme cycling like that of the Mount Everest but also want the message of the sport to spread- for they are always on the lookout for people with similar interests and go the extra mile to extend a hand of help. It shows how passionate they are about what they do and perhaps is going to take them a long way unto the path of success.

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Now, we are sure your lunatic hormones are giving you a call after hearing this out, and of course the super cool pictures have lured you into an existential day-dreaming. Also you must be thinking you could simply buy a brand new BMX and give Wazid and his team a call for help− and voila! You’ve arrived.


We hate to break this to you or rather would like to caution you, in an encouraging way of course, that this sport needs one to be dedicated and perseverant because this involves a great deal of practise, needless to say the endless hours of hard work one needs to invest. Even that wouldn’t guarantee that you’re going to ace it all in a month or two or maybe even years.


The hard work that goes into this is one the major underlying reasons why people love these guys and appreciate the sport so much. So unless you’re in it for the long haul, don’t break your bank buying a cool BMX.


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