We Caught Up With The Bengali Mamoni Who Explained Game of Thrones In the Mamoniest Way


Game of Thrones has taken the world by storm! There’s no escaping the show’s popularity and we Bengalis are equally mad behind the show. One such Bengali, Manjusha Banerjee, a techie and a stand-up comic took the frenzy to another level when she released this epic video where she explains the plots and twists of the show through her “mamoni” avatar which she calls Ruposhee or Roop on her youtube channel. Her antiques are totally on point and her style makes the video completely hilarious! Calling Cersei as “shorshe” and Arya Stark as Aryabhatta, she spares nobody, not even our beloved CM when she compares Hodor’s hodoring to our CM blaming everything on Maoists! Her completely relatable comparisons of Jon Snow being a victim of “scam baji” like our Dada and Daenerys Targaryen and her dragons being similar to Durga Thakur and her lion ensures this video is amusingly accurate!

Go ahead and watch the video and enjoy the funniest five minutes of your day today. Thank me later!


Ramneek caught up with Majusha to find out more about her and her on-screen avatar Ruposhee and she was at her hilarious best as usual. Here’s how it went –

Your Facebook bio mentions that you are “salaried techie, a semi salaried comedian and a non-salaried homemaker”, tell us a little about yourself. 

Game of ThronesI am a software engineer based out of Hyderabad, working for a tech giant. I started off as an Improv Comedy artist in a group called The YesHoles, mentored by Kaneez Surka. From there I met with a few prominent stand-up comedians who encouraged me to try my hand out in stand up as well. It’s been two years I have been part of the comedy scene.

I am also part of the international Toastmasters Club and recently won the first runner-up in the International speech contest at the national level. I am married for about five years now, so the homemaker tag comes naturally as well.

The Game of Thrones video is hilarious, to say the least, how did you come up with the idea of the video?

Thanks! As a true blue game of thrones fan, I am super excited that the new season is coming up. And while trying to write a new script for Ruposhee I thought it would be fun to hear her thoughts on the same.

Your on-screen avatarRuposhee” is quite amusing. How did you come up with the character of Ruposhee?

Actually my stand up is purely in English with a little bit of Hindi. I haven’t stayed in Kolkata since I became a comedian and genuinely wanted to do something for my home crowd. I love making accents and wanted to make a character who is bong stereotypical. Though she has a lack of worldly exposure, she is socially and politically aware and definitely not dumb. And personally, I wanted an outlet for my utter sarcasm and sense of satire.

I loved the comparison you did with Hodor and our CM, did you face any flak for it on social media? 

Game of ThronesWhat comparison??!! How? Where? Any comparative statement made in the video is purely coincidental and has no connection whatsoever to any person living or dead. 😉

What are the future plans for Ruposhee now that this GOT video has become quite popular? More reviews on TV series or maybe movie reviewing on cards? 

It’s the sixth one in the series till now, currently creating a pipeline of videos, and I am open to making more content on movies and TV series. And there might be characters other than Ruposhee as well, keep a lookout!


At Beacon Kolkata, we surely agree that we need to be on the lookout for this super talented comic and we are sure that we would see a lot of her in future!


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