Women cab drivers in Kolkata! Here’s all you need to know about them


From next week onward, don’t be surprised if you suddenly see the streets of Kolkata dotted with swanky cars driven by swankier women drivers! Yes! It’s true and come the 13th of February, “Women on Wheels” finally becomes a reality in the city. Here’s all you need to know about the women cab drivers in Kolkata.

women cab drivers kolkata

Idea behind “Women on Wheels”

Dignity and independence for the women. The women, who have enrolled as trainees come from painful backgrounds of harassment or abuse and this programme is to give them a scope to be a part of society again. It is a brainchild of Meenu Vadera started in 2008 in Delhi.


How can one enroll as a driver?

There is a registration process for which the women will have to approach us. There is a year of training, then they are eligible to be on-call chauffeurs. Based on the performance and after a period of 6 months they will get their commercial license.

How is the safety of the drivers ensured?

Many ways of teaching are adopted and ample safety measures are employed. From technical to psychological, all types of training required to be good and sensible drivers are given.

In order to make the education rigid, many methods are used

DMT – Dance Music Therapy – To emphasize on the physical aspects of driving
Self Defence – For safety and security
Map reading – For easier road navigation
Traffic norms – For efficient, road friendly driving


How can one hitch a ride with them?

They can call on the number that will be given at launch.


Response in other cities

Delhi – very good, Jaipur – becoming good with time, Indore – service is still new. Even in Kolkata, queries and wishes from eager clients have started pouring in.

Freedom for some and a life-saver for others, we need to keep in mind that each woman behind the wheel has braved enormous challenges from society to be able to be where they are today.

*The Beacon apologizes for the earlier misinterpretation of facts regarding the Sakha services. Through 2016 the women will be trained. After the completion of which, 2017 onward, they will be available for on-call cab services and chauffeur services.  

On account of International Women’s Day 2018, we went around the streets of Kolkata asking people about the most special woman in their lives. Here’s what they had to say.



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