Music, Food, Fun @ World Motorcycle Day, Kolkata’s favourite Carnival


They say that man’s best creation on Earth is Beer and Motorcycles, and no doubt about that because nobody ever said they hated Motorcycles or Beer. Riding a motorcycle is an emotion in itself, let alone the adrenaline rush of freedom that comes along.

18738825_1217425811699209_233073950209217333_o-optAnd to celebrate the passion for motorcycles and anything on two wheels, Kolkata has been seeing a wonderful event since 2016; yes we are talking about World Motorcycle Day!
Last year, lazy Sunday, 26th June, was a day that went down in the books of history, a day when Kolkata got together to celebrate Motorcycles and the freedom it gives to its lovers.

Heading to World motorcycle Day like:

Here’s how World Motorcycle Day 2016 was!


This year World Motorcycle Day is all set to become Bigger, Better and Greater.

This year too, World Motorcycle Day is slated for 2nd July 2017 at Eco Park, Rajarhat. And like last year, you can be sure to find motorcycle enthusiasts pouring in from all over the city as well as some special bikers from across the country to share in their love and passion for the engines on two wheels.

world motorcycle day 2017 2

But this year, there’s a twist!
World Motorcycle Day 2017 is not just for bikers this time it is a carnival, celebrating life and joy!



World Motorcycle Day 2017 is about reeling in the fun in all that’s happening whether you ride or not.

“When we go to watch a magic show or a movie, we don’t become the magician or actor but we enjoy the act or the sequences, right?”

world motorcycle day 2017 3


“So similarly, WMD 2017 boasts of an array of fun activities and engagements that are sure to entertain even those not connected with biking” said Nirmalya Chakravarty, one of the core organizers of World Motorcycle Day, Kolkata.

So looking for an excuse to turn up at WMD 2017? We’ll give you 5

Here’s what’s lined up for all the non-biking enthusiasts coming for World Motorcycle Day

Mixed Martial Arts

Yes you read that right! WMD 2017 is going to have a dedicated segment related to MMA and safety training involving the audience members.



Rock Show

Last year saw Kolkata’s favourite band, Underground Authority set the stage on fire with their energetic performances. This year is going to be crazier!

world motorcycle day 2017 4“World Motorcycle Day 2016 was very well organized and we had a gala of a time! This year too we are very excited for WMD 2017 and eagerly counting days to the event” said Ramiz a biking enthusiast in the city

EDM Music

23Ok who doesn’t like a party!? From the latest beats to craziest tunes, be prepared to show all your moves with your friends at WMD 2017 as the stage is to be set by some of the top DJs of Kolkata!

Tomorrowland? Nah, World Motorcycle Day bruh!


Who’s Who of Kolkata

WMD isn’t just a local event, it is celebrated globally with passion and vigour. WMD Kolkata witnesses an elite crowd of motoring enthusiasts and personalities from all across the country!

debasish-sen-fb-optSo be there to witness the legendary event!

“World Motorcycle Day is the only event in Kolkata that gives recognition to the various biking clubs in Kolkata, WMD 2016 was beautiful and we’re going to make sure WMD 2017 is bigger and better” said Akash Gupta of Knight Krawlers, a biking group in Kolkata.

And of course… FOOD 

24 What’s an event without some crispies to quench the munchies?

Be there to hog on some amazing Kolkata style street food that will surely leave your taste buds wanting for more. Look out for the quirky street food outlets that will be spinning out some rather delicious stuff to keep you and your tummy engaged for good!

The easiest way to being awesome this summer!

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So see you on 2nd July at World Motorcycle Day 2017



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