Kolkata Is All Set to Celebrate World Motorcycle Day! Will You Be There?


It is said that a motor-bike is the best gift a person can ever get. Be it a brand new superbike or getting the key of your dad’s old bike/scooter, when there’s an engine between your legs and wind in your face, you get to know precisely what the true meaning of ‘freedom’ is.

For some, bikes are a getaway; for others, a means to daily commute but whatever the excuse may be when the gear is levered on the 1st and the clutch popped, the world is left behind.

So! Here’s an event that celebrates just that. An event that celebrates the common love for biking and the feeling of complete freedom that is gives you. Presenting the celebration of World Motorcycle Day 2016!



An event that brings individuals from various backgrounds and beliefs under one mammoth roof of ‘Love for biking’. “We’ve all been riding in a lot of biking events but nowhere do we really celebrate the very fact that we all love to ride. Never before have we actually celebrated the freedom of biking. Celebrating World Motorcycle Day is all about that” said Aditya Ray, one of the organisers of the event.

The event is a mixture of all the aspects related to biking. From the screening of Moto Gp to travelers sharing their stories, WMD Kolkata promises to be an event for one and all.

“WMD Kolkata is a strategically planned event and we are not only looking at just bikers coming to the event, we’re looking forward to them getting their families along for the event” said Tushar Chowdhury, another organizing member of the event.

While most biking events often begin with a meet up in the city and then with a ride to the high ways, WMD 2016 follows a different approach. The assembly point is at BPCL COCO, Gopalpur (NH2 Azad Hind) and the ride begins from there. “It is difficult to group up in the city and traffic is a major problem. So we decided upon starting the event from Gopalpur with a disciplined ride to the city till Eco Park where the event is supposed to be held” said Ray

The event is open to all as the objective is also to make non-bikers understand the concept and freedom of biking.

“This is Kolkata’s first in-city biking carnival and through a disciplined ride and a family friendly event we want to show the city that bikers are easy going family people too, unlike the way it is often projected” said Tushar.

While bikers across the city seem enthusiastic about the event, WMD Kolkata is drawing eye balls from non-bikers too! You can find out more about the event here.
See you there.


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