Our take on World No Tobacco Day

Pick any senior gentleman today, ask him to show you a picture of his college days; we bet you, it’ll be a picture of him with long-dexterously-side-parted hair with bell-bottom pants!

Ask someone in his early 40s to do the same, he’ll most probably be clad in an awkwardly ripped pair of jeans (in all probability ripped by a blade himself). And any random 20 something guy on the street today, he’ll be sporting a snapback cap, skinny jeans etc. (you know the drill)

The point is, we in India love to follow the celebrities we see on screen. Be it the elderly getting inspired by the fashion of Rajesh Khanna/ Amitabh bachhan, the middle aged drawing inspiration from Salman Khan or the new kids miming Jusitn Bieber, the lifestyle they portray we try to follow!

So while there may be a good side to it, there is also a subtle negative aspect.
How you may ask?
Well, imagine the iconic bike chase scene of Dhoom, the one in which the uber cool John Abraham is being chased by Abhishek Bachhan and Uday Chopra?

Now do you recollect any of the characters sporting a helmet for safety? NO!

So coming to the point, like projecting riding without helmets and beating up 10 goons alone as highly possible and impeccably cool, our celebrities have also somehow drilled into our heads the idea of smoking as ‘cool’ and ‘intellectual-like’!

Imagine the legendary Feluda without the flaming sticks between his fingers and the betel leaves in his mouth. Seems incomplete right?

Well, as integral as the cigarette may be for certain characters, they still are those harmful and addictive cancerous sticks.

So, on this World No Tobacco Day, to ease things a bit, we took pictures of some iconic Bengali personalities and changed the perspective slightly!

Here’s how it went down!

Anjan Dutta

Anjan Dutta is known to be a chain smoker and despite age has found it extremely difficult to give up on his habits

Soumitra Chatterjee

Seen here smoking in the famous Feluda series, Soumitra Chatterjee has been a smoker for a very long time


Aparna Sen

aporna sen
Here seen smoking in a movie scene, Aparna Sen is known to be a very private smoker

Satyajit Ray

Satyajit Ray, seen here in 1967, the veteran filmmaker was hardly ever seen without a cigarette on the sets or off

Uttam Kumar

uttam kumar
Uttam Kumar was an avid smoker and could hardly give up on his addiction till the last of his days


Like they say, Cigarette smoking is injurious to health. None of the actors support or promote Smoking!

This post was purely for informative and humour purposes! We hope the only thing burning was the cigarettes. No offence to the legends intended.



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