Super Bikers in the Real Sense – A xKmph Initiative


More than 50 bikers at 2 am in the morning, all decked up with jackets, helmets and gloves. Empty streets and no policemen in sight! What were they up to?

Racing? Anyone would say that! But think again.

The bikers had met up to ride around the city together with two trucks loaded with warm clothes to be distributed to the lesser fortunate who are forced to sleep on the streets, out in the cold.


The route for the distribution was as follows:

Point 1 – Moula Ali crossing
Point 2 – Bata more through Keshab Chandra Sen street
Point 3 – Vivekananda road crossing through college street
Point 4 – Hedua park
Point 5 – Star theatre
Point 6 – Shyambazaar metro
Point 7 – Shobhabazaar metro
Point 8 – MD Ali park
Point 9 – Indian airlines office near chandni chowk metro
Point 10 – Hind
Point 11 – Rabindra Sadan metro
Point 12 – Rash Behari Avenue

But mind you, it is not as simple as it looks. Bikers from xkmph, a pan Indian motorcycling forum had been scouring the city far and wide to raise awareness about the event and collect the warm clothes. The good Samaritans left no stone unturned to collect the warm clothes donated from people from all walks of life across the city.

Once the collection was done with, the sorting process began. The donations were splint into 2 categories – adults (male and female) and kids (boys and girls)

Then came the distribution part which saw various enthusiastic minds drop by to help with the elaborate donation process.


On a freezing night as a mother tightly clung on to her children to share the warmth of her body with them, it felt almost angel-like to quietly place a blanket next to them.


Rahul Kar, a fellow xkmph member who played a pivotal role in making the event possible said “The sheer grandeur of the event, the huge turnout of the people is the proof that nothing can surpass the efforts of a dedicated team”.

Another noted artist and motorcycle enthusiast of the city Rahul Chakraborty said, “I loved the idea behind this noble event. It is touching to see so many people care so much about the most neglected people of our society.”

Pranadhika Sinha Dev Burman, a noted social activist of the city said “This was my third year taking part in this wonderful initiative and I’m proud to say that each year I’m witnessing the event grow much more than I can imagine. It is humbling to say the least.”

From veterans of the biking fraternity to well-known change-makers to simple individuals like myself, all worked together to try and bring a change to the situation we are forced to witness.

Hope to see you too next time


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