Kolkata’s Yellow Taxis Are Now More ‘App’roachable – Have You Downloaded A Yellow Taxi App Yet?


After the app-cabs took over the streets of Kolkata, there is rarely anyone who travels by yellow taxis anymore. We, of course, blame the frequent refusals of the yellow taxi drivers (read: no refusal cabs) for this but when we reach the break-even point of the month and see the surge charges on the app-cabs, don’t we just want a more pocket-friendly alternative? Like a yellow taxi app, maybe?

So, here it is, the Kolkata yellow taxis are now available at the tap of your finger, without the extra convenience charges. Isn’t that great? Considering the fact that the yellow taxis are part of our heritage and we wouldn’t want to see them disappear into oblivion.

The good news is that there isn’t just one but two reliable yellow taxi apps that provide this service: the mobile apps TYGR and Yatrik are making conventional yellow taxi rides more convenient.

How does the yellow taxi app work?

The same way that your usual app-cabs work but there is no convenience charge and the yellow cabs will run on government-fixed fares.

You can get a taxi with just a single click on the app. Once the request is sent to the app, the user will get an SMS containing the taxi number and driver’s details. It will help in establishing a contact between the user and the taxi driver. Subsequently, the taxi driver will reach the nearby point from where the user will board the taxi. After reaching the destination, the payment will be made as per the reading of the meter.

Let’s hope this works well for us!


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