You Can Crush Kolkata Under a Flyover But You Can’t Crush the Spirit of Kolkatans


The tragedy that took place this week needs no more speculation. We can go on for hours trying to analyze the cause of the tragedy, we can endlessly debate on who was responsible behind the flyover collapsing, the news houses can go ahead and make animated projections of the disaster while streaming uncensored disturbing footage of the site but what is of utmost importance here is how the people of Kolkata collectively have risen as the true heroes.

Be it the Sikh community organizing Langar for the rescue teams, Maniktala Blood Bank rushing in a blood donation camp or the Marwari Welfare Society leaving no stone unturned to help the victims, Kolkata may have been crushed under a flyover but Kolkatans rose to the occasion as the actual heroes.

Presidency College organized a blood donation camp, so did the department of Mechanical Engineering at Jadavpur University. People queued up outside blood donation camps and met up near Ganesh Talkies to aid in rescue work. Kolkata Medical College responded swiftly and relief work began at the earliest. Members of RSS too were at the spot aiding in rescue operations.

This is a salute to the nameless, faceless heroes who have always made Kolkata the city that it is. The city of helpful, caring people, the city of diverse cultures which unites at the time of distress.

We will let the pictures do the rest of the talking

Blood Donation camp at Presidency College

presidency 1

presidency 3

Pictures arranged by Reya Chowdhury

The Sikh Community serving Langar to relief workers

Sikh Langar 1

Picture arranged by Ramneek Singh

Blood Donation Camp at the Mechanical Engineering Department, Jadavpur University


JU 1


JU 3

Picture credits Anisha Mandal, arranged by Sohini Sinha

Members of RSS at the disaster spot



Kolkatans queuing up outside Blood Donation camps

Kol people 2

Mankitala Blood Donation Camp

Maniktala blood bank

Picture credits Jignesh Thakkar

These names and pictures are just a handful among the countless others who have been striving relentlessly to help those involved in the tragedy. This just an attempt to highlight the power of the common Kolkata citizen so we apologize in advance if we have missed out on any group.


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