You Know it’s Christmas in Kolkata when you see People Obsessed with these



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Christmas in Kolkata just can’t be without a pound or two of this sweat-treat which is special to everyone. And you’re lucky if you’ve scored one from the legendary Nahoum’s.

Santa Cap

Christmas in Kolkata

From the grand mom to the otherwise stoic boss, what is Christmas in Kolkata without seeing them adorn a Santa cap. People buy it right on the streets and sport a Selfie with it.

Over-sized Sunglasses

Christmas in Kolkata

It’s the festive season, and what better way to show off your happy spirits than a tangy over-sized pair of shades! The official symbol of PARTY MODE: ON. 

Reindeer Hairbands

Christmas in Kolkata

These cute hairbands help you score quite a few adorable points with the crowd, no? Don’t blame the paparazzi!

Christmas trees and lights & Candles

Christmas in Kolkata

During the holidays people simply love to adorn their houses all red and green— Christmas trees are definitely a part of the decoration and of course it has to be lit up. Where else will Santa Claus place our gifts otherwise?


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