You need to know about this movie from Kolkata that has stormed all film festivals! Umformung-The Transformation


“We all are but unripe forms of the god we believe in; Adam is unripe Jesus, he is yet to drench in the heat and sweat of the world which crucified Jesus.” Dr. Sudeep Ranjan Sarkar (story, screenplay & direction, Umformung-The Transformation)

Passionate people find solace in their satisfaction and not validations. The team of Umformung, a film yet to release although very much loved and liked by scores of people worldwide, is nothing less. The film which tells a tale of truth from two distinct spectrums of life has garnered 19 awards at various reputed Film Festivals globally. The music is believed to be a revelation itself and hasn’t gone unnoticed from awarding. The gifted poet, writer, painter and philosopher is the writer and director of this film – the man set on a journey to not only make films but create a new and more disciplined film-hood; shares parts and pieces of his ‘Umformung’ journey along with the crew.


Dr. Sudeep Ranjan Sarkar – Story, Screenplay, Direction

Q. What was your primary inspiration behind film making, Umformung in particular?

A. I am occupationally a psychologist, a criminal psychologist to be precise. I also entitle myself a philosopher (laughs) and surely all this directs me to observe and study the human mind. Apart from these reasons, I make films simply because I love to. Since, I am not an institute bred film-maker I only learn while I do, and do what I learn.

Q. As till date, your film has already garnered 19 awards, does that make you feel confident that your film will be liked upon release or somehow what you wanted to convey had been conveyed?

A. Well, although my first short film won 28 awards still I have a very straightforward approach to this, awards I believe are only a validation that the film is liked or what I have believe in has touched some souls; it’s always the audience who is the sole judge. I have a huge respect for audience; audience is very much intelligent but sadly they haven’t been fed properly for a long time now.

Q. There are a lot of aspiring film makers in the city who are doing good work but a question still remains that how do you know if a film is presentable at film festivals?

A. That depends as Film Festivals are managed by people like you and me. There are film festivals which have rejected us, and there are ones who appreciated our work to a great extent. The key point is if your film touches the particular jury. If you ask me, I would say that there’s nothing like a bad film, a film can only be good if the people behind it, making it are honest to the art and not the business.

Q. What would you like to say about your Idea behind Umformung?

A. I have tried, through Umformung, to show two different spectrums of life. There’s a monk who has been given all spiritual idealisms but he feels he needs to experience the truth so he goes to a city to face the harsh revelations of life, on the other hand there’s this lady who is a city dweller, a successful builder but unknown to the inner journey she still has to go through. So, in the process of their individual journeys, these two people collide and then what happens is what Umformung is about, The Transformation. (Umformung is the german word for Transformation).


Sanjib sarkar – Music Director and Post production head

Q. How has your experience with Umformung been?

A. I have done commercial films earlier but what I now know I lacked is the creative freedom or the space to experiment with what is my work – music.

Rita Jhawar – Producer

Q. Well, obviously the first question would be weren’t you scared as a producer for Umformung as it is somehow an offbeat film?

A. No I believe in the art more than business and I know that with discipline and honesty nothing is too farfetched.



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