You need to know about this woman Table Tennis champion from Kolkata who’s been winning gold medals across the world


Her spirits are at an all-time high after clinching yet another gold medal for the country at the 2016 World Table Tennis Championship held at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Back to her hometown, Kolkata, Mouma Das is already thinking of participating at the pre-Olympics to be held in Hong Kong in April later this year. We catch up with Mouma Das, the woman Table Tennis champion from Kolkata

Congratulations on the win. What were your thoughts before you left for the tournament?

I won two golds and two silver at the South Asian Championship held in Shillong before leaving for the world championship. Training at Patiala further and having a great coach in Bhabani Mukherjee only boosted my confidence further.


What’s your training schedule like daily?

I exercise for one hour twice a day every day in the morning and in the evening, followed by 2.5 hours of training. As a tournament nears, the training time reduces to about an hour per day. We are required to relax mentally more at that time.

Do you think being a woman makes a difference to your game in any way?

None at all. There’s total equality in men and women sportspersons in the country today in all ways.

What next?

I wil soon start training for the pre-Olympics to be held in Hong Kong from April 13-17. That apart, we are all eagerly waiting for the TT I-leagues to be held in May on the lines being organised for cricket and kabaddi.

Did you get any acknowledgement from the state or Central government for winning the gold at the world championship?

Not yet. But the table tennis federation supports us players a lot. I got a congratulatory note from the WBTTA. Also, the company I work for -Oil India, extends all possible support and sponsors for me.
All said, it would be good if this and other sports get the support that cricket gets in this country. Many more people will be helped.


How do you maintain a balance between sports and married life?

I’ve been married for over three years now. If my father is my left hand, then my husband is the right one. Everyone in my family loves sports and supports my game.


It’s only pre-Olympics on my mind now! Motherhood can wait.

Mouma Das has already bagged over a hundred gold medals under her belt, including national and international championships among a range of other records. She was awarded the Arjuna Award in 2013. The ace paddler is world no. 150 and no. 2 in India.



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