Zakir Khan Is Coming To Kolkata & We Can’t Keep Calm. Here’s Why!


Zakir Khan in Kolkata = Dream Come True

Although laughter is the best therapy yet humour is subjective. So, it’s a darn tricky job to make people laugh. If you’ve ever told a joke, you know that there’s a moment in telling when all eyes are on you, expecting the big roar. At that precise moment your job is as perilous as diffusing a bomb.

Now, telling a joke is a tedious job. It depends as much on the content as on its delivery. In stand-up comedy, the feedback of the audience is instant and crucial for the comedian’s act. Audiences expect a stand-up comic to provide a steady stream of laughs, and a performer is always under pressure to deliver

But, all this analysis isn’t really applicable in this scenario because we’re talking about the ultimate gag master, Zakir Khan! And yes, he’s coming to Kolkata!

Can’t keep calm? We can’t either!

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This Bengali New Year get your ribs tickled by Zakir Khan as the ace folks at Kalkutta Komedians get him down to the City of Joy on the 14th of April at Kala Mandir.

His claim to fame has been winning Comedy Central’s India’s Best Stand Up Comedian competition and been a part of On Air with AIB. His satirical wit and his zest to paste a smile on faces has taken him to the zenith in the comedy era.

Shakti dekh rahe ho launde ki?

Shakti dekh rahe ho launde ki?’
, amidst all the lingo that gets everyone addicted, he has quite an ardent fan following who never seem to get enough of him.

An amabile and relatable set is what he creates magically as he incorporates his daily nuances to break his audience into giggles. Sounds like quite a laughter riot, doesn’t it? With an array of anecdotes, he has been able to spin up a web of quite the best from the rest. The Indore boy has set a place for himself in the industry for sure. Stand Up comedy may leave you in fits but for the one trying to put that smile to your face, it is quite an ordeal. As he claims his humor to be ‘fundamental and rustic’, he caters to a vast crowd and has cracked through the saddest lot!

Best Start to the New Year!

If a light-hearted weekend evening is what you are in search of, and if you don’t mind your tummy hurting with pain after all the hilarious comeback and banter, kalkutta Komedians & Zakir Khan are the people you need to hear and ROFL, quite literally.

So, Stop YouTube-ing your favourite standup comedian and experience your ‘laugh out loud’ sessions live with Kalkutta Komedians and we guarantee you will not regret it.

Thus, head down to Kala Mandir this 14th of April for the laugh-a-thon to transform into the happiest Poila Baishakh ever as we assure you that Zakir Khan will never have seemed like a bigger boon.

Catch Zakir Khan in Kolkata! Click here to book your tickets.



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